The joy is enormous, the glamour has become mind blowing. Ezems is the name, Obanua Obanu Ayi is the slogan. Rivers people are aware, Ikwerre/Emohua fully engaged in anticipation for 2023. Oh! how i wish I can continue in this realm but for the sake of the tittle.


Nevertheless, it is the trend of the above sensation that has kept me on a business to explore the Obanu Ezems Obanu Ayi movement.

Ezemonye Ezekiel Amadi is a household name across bounds and has always been found not wanting in his fidelity at every level.

It should be worth noting, remembering and informing that Ezemonye is a known lawyer who because of his luminous qualifications and nature has continued soaring in serving positions ranging from the Legal Adviser of his then party NRC, Legal adviser to Ikwerre Local government council, Legal aide to the Rt Hon. Austin Opara.

After a long eminent service as aide, Ezems became so emphatic that he was first lined as Commissioner for Energy and natural resources but because of his appetency for service, he was moved to the commissioner for Lands and Urban Development under governor Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi. Only steadfastness and truth-blue can take one thus far.

Away from these, as a political scientist in view, my hunt in same plight for the advertency of a man like Ezems made me enthrall indept interview on Ikwerre/Emohua populate and was exposed that he is a full vignette of a turn around expert. Ezems Baba.

To this end, the federal house of representative’s movement is just but a ladder for the continuation of turn around for “Ayi”

The glamour, the aura and track record is an inkling. Visible to the blind, louder than the AK47 even to the deaf that OBANU EZEMS OBANU AYI

We must therefore take this manumission with a high sense of piety as we all move for the actualization of the OBANU AYI slogan at the poll come 2023.

By: Comr. Hope Nnekachi Amadi.

Emeka Woko

I'm a blogger, Social media influencer and a DJ (Disc Jockey). I'm the CEO of Onu Africa aka the Mouth of Africa. I have passion for Reading & Writing

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